Since 2006 I have been guiding around Poznań and its surroundings in Spanish, English and Polish. I have experience in working both with groups and individual clients as a local guide and tour leader. As a tour manager I have traveled around Europe but also I have been to China, India, Brazil, Peru, México and Venezuela. Since 2009 I have been teaching in the training courses for guides and in 2014 with my friends we formed the Visit Poznań Foundation to promote tourism in the city. On our website you can find out more about Poznań and its tourism offer and in 2017 we decided to open our own guiding course and other training courses for people professionally engaged with tourism.

Since I graduated from the humanities faculty (history of culture and culture science) besides working in tourism, I love history – both the common history and the history of families. That is why I am cooperating with people with Polish roots helping them to look for documents and sites connected to their ancestors. I help them while staying in Poznań but also to prepare their visit here by doing research in the archive before their arrival.

Guiding is my passion and I’ll be happy to present you monuments, culture and local traditions. On this website you will find some ideas for sightseeing Poznań and its surroundings. Due to the high quality of the services and taking into account that as many tourists that many expectations, I adapt each program to the age and interests of the tourists.

Let’s meet in Poznań,
Paulina Ratkowska